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South Korea: Tour DMZ/JSA

One of the coolest things to do on a Trip do Seoul is to visit their border with North Korea.

How to reserve: Many agencies in Seoul provides this tour, but the famous ones are Cosmojin and Korridoor.

The book can bem made by their website and confirmation by email. I used Cosmojin and payed 137.00 Wons per person (US120).

Try to book in advance since the tour is held only some days per week and it is quite in hight demand.

Food: If you are not into Korean Food, I strongly recommend you to bring you own food. The tour includes lunch in a Korean restaurant with only 2 options of dishes. I brought some sandwiches and didn’t regret it.

The tour:

The trip starts at 8 am leaving Seoul in a bus. (quite a good one). Until the first stop which is Imjingak Park, it will take 1 hour ride.

Imjingak Park is a memorial war park. There you can buy some snacks, water and souvenirs.


Memorial no Imjingak Park

Imjingak Park Memorial

After this, the bus goes thru the Unification bridge heading to the DMZ museum and Third Infiltration Tunnel.





DMZ no mapa

This Tunnel was build by North Korea to invade South Korea, and was the third to be found by South Korea with the help of a North Korean defector.

Third Infiltration Tunnel

Third Tunnel Map

The third stop is Dora Observatory, where you are able to see North Korean Mountains and some of small villages. Ist quite nice.

From there the tour stops to visit the Dorasan Station, whivth is a former train station build to link the two Koreas. But it was never used, and now is closed.

Dora Observatorio

Dora Observatory

For the second part of the Tour and the most exciting one, is visiting the JSA (Joint Security Area). At this point, the tour is guided by a militar soldier (mine was an American Soldier) and photos and videos are restricted.

The visit shows how camp bonifas is divided and where are their control and observatory posts are. Also tells more about the conflit history and presente situation.  After this, the group is guided thru the JSA visitor center building and to come close to the UN base and actually step into Oficial Conferece Hall, where all the agreements are made between the 2 Koreas.  At this point you crossed the border. Its thrilling!


JSA/ UN Base





The tour Worth it. If you want to understand more about their history and war is na amazing opportunity once there.


Have a good tour and see you soon!







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