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Practical Seoul: Where to stay, Internet, Food and Transportation

How to Reach: Flights from main Asian cities and also USA , Europe and Dubai.

When to go: Avoid frozen winter from December to February.  Spring is a good season to go (April and May ish). Summer can be hot and Humid. I would say, April, May, June and September, October and November are good months.

Where to stay: Prefer to stay North of Han river. Areas like  Myeongdong, and near  City Hall, Euligiro 1 e 3, Anguk stations. Most of the main turistic atractions are at north of Han river.   If you go for the south, mainly Gangnam area, the way to the other side is averagely 50min by subway.

I stayed at Myeongdong (Jung-ju) area and was perfect.  Many of the sightseeing i could have done by walking distance and subway line 2 is right there.

Hotel: Lotte Hotel Seoul  Myeongdong.

Transportation: Subway is the best option.

Metro Seul

Tip 1:Get a T Money card to go around Seoul. It can be used fro taxis and buses as well. You will find in any convenience stores and also at the subway stations.  For 5 days, I put 25.000 wons (US$ 22) and was enough. .

Tips2: Download a subway map on your phone or a Subway App. I used Korean Subway.

To and from the airport:

You can go by bus (Limousine Bus), subway and taxi.   the taxi ride will vary according with the area you are at, and is a fixed price range when leaving the airport.  O preço do taxi vai variar de acordo com a região, e é tabelado saindo do aeroporto. The bus is 14.000Wons (US12) and has many routes. Leaves from Terminal 1F Arrival.

Mapa Metro Seul

Mapa Metro Seul

Access  airport site to have more info about their routes.

Internet:  I do recommend that you get internet for your mobile instead of using only some wifi points available. Since the use of maps and sites are crucial to get around, have internet access full time is a must.  The tip is to get a  WIFI Pocket EGG at the airport  (LTE Router).  Many companies provides this service.


Balcao da LGU

I used  LGU+ and rented for 6 days. As longer as the rent gets, the price gets lower.  In total I payed for 6 days (rent + day fee 39.000 Wons = US$ 35) and I connected 2 devices on it.

Communication: English is still not so well spoken, but is not a huge problem to get around since all the subway signs are in english as well as some of restaurants menu. If not, most of them have pictures on it so, you gonna get your way thru it. To get a taxi, better have your address written or just show the map to the driver. I thought Korean  people  very nice and willing to help. So this is a plus.

Food: Not so easy to find good western food around central seoul. Is Possible to find fast food chains and Starbucks all around as well some funky coffee places.

For those who don’t eat asian food, fast food will be your best bet. Or better to adventure into their street food. Lots of Korean Barbecue  (Bulgogi), noodles  dumplings, wontons and e  the Bimpbap  (rice with vegetables).


Korean Barbecue

Comida de rua seul

Street Food Seoul

Poop Bread Seoul

Trying  Poop Bread

Some local street food that I tried:

  • Mandu: Seems chinese dumpling or a Guioza
  • Kimbap: Korean Sushi. Rice rolled with Seaweed.
  • Kyeranppang: Egg Muffin
  • Fried Rice Cake

Myeongdong Gyoja:  Very famous and good restaurant around Meyongdong. They have only 3 items on menu: Noodles and Mandu.

Address: 25-2 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu

Noodle Coreia


 Western Restaurants tips:

The area witch have the most options of international food is Itaewon (Yeongsan-gu).

  • Pizza Muzzo: Italian place with good enviroment e a good food (not the best).         Add: 199 Itaewon-ro, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Insadong  and Hongdae area I went to these two places:

  •  Italian at Insadong: Palazzo Due
  •  French “Korean way” at Hongdae: Loup Blanc

Gangnam, is another area that you are going to find western food, at the malls you can easily find something.  Hyndai Departament  Store and COEX MAll.

So, these are my tips to try to make your trip to Seoul even better.

Safe travels!











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